1 Year = 365 Opportunities

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1 Year = 365 Opportunities

Today is day 7 of Chapter 1 of the Year 2018. How will you write your story today?

Will it be a day filled with regret for the goals you gave up on? Will today be lost in your busyness because you forgot to prioritize your decisions? Will you remember to take a few moments to reflect on all the things your most grateful/thankful for in your present circumstances?

Begin immediately with small steps to move your life and circumstances in the direction you want to head. Don't wait for the perfect time, feeling, or motivation to do something. Perhaps that means you:
Workout today- even if just for 5 minutes.
You start eating cleaner with your next meal.
Begin decluttering- even if it's just a stack of mail on your table.
Pay a few extra dollars towards your debt to begin whittling it away.
Wake up just 10 minutes earlier to feel less rushed.

The point is, whatever you want begins with you starting! Your beginning (or middle part of your journey) doesn't need to be a grand, it just needs to happen. Some of the best stories started small and grew to something large. It's the small actionable steps that help you achieve the growth you desire. With incremental growth, you gain confidence, momentum, and motivation to continue on your journey. You become a dynamic part of your creation process and the feeling of stagnation falls away.

Today is another opportunity - just do it!


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