A flamingo doesn’t belong in the ❄️ snow.

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A flamingo does not belong in the ❄️ snow just as a polar bear does not belong on the 🏖 beach. 
Could it be that you are the “right” person in the wrong place? 
I spent more years than I care to admit trying to fit in with “them.”  Whether it was the cool kids in school, the BIG wigs in the business world, or the other Moms in the play group.  I remember trying and trying to get them to notice me & tell me that I belong!   
And you know how that story goes, right?  The more I tried, the weirder I became! 🤣 So, of course it never went well and that brings me to today’s #pardonmypositivity post. 
Maybe it’s time to stop trying to squeeze in between people at tables where you are asked to bring your own damn chair.  
Maybe it’s time to stop trying to justify your presence & worth to people that can’t find value in what you bring to that table. 
Maybe, just like a flamingo in the snow, that’s not your environment. 
Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not saying that they are against you because they didn’t welcome you. ... not all... but what I am saying is that maybe that’s not your space to thrive & become the Y O U you’re meant to be. 
When a flower 🌸 doesn’t bloom, we don’t fix the flower, we fix its environment. 
So if you don’t feel like you are blooming... maybe that’s what you need.... an environment fix!   
And here’s the lesson that I’m learning... You'll know you’re in the right one by the way you are blooming. 
Cheers to all of you blooming 🌸 beauties out there on this Monday morning!  I pray that the sun ☀️ shines down on your soul and warms your spirit to bloom bright & beautiful this week.  [[ And ]]  just in case you need it, there IS a chair for you here at this table!! ♥️ Darlene

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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