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I’m feeling like it’s a Coldplay kinda day —

🎶...Look at the stars ✨ Look how they shine for you ⭐️ And everything you do... 🎶 And everything you do. 🎶 Yeah they were all yellow.

Perhaps I’m a little bent on the romantic or emotional side but I love ❤️ listening to the words in songs. I like getting deep with them. For me, the music sets the tone and the lyrics give it meaning.

There really is a song for every mood and this one is perfect for a Monday!  

This song is not just for a boyfriend or girlfriend but it’s also for anyone that brings sun, stars, & energy into your life.  For anyone that lights you up! 

It is also the subject of today’s #PardonMyPositivity as a reminder that  [[ you ]] & {{ me }} are someone’s 💛 Yellow too!  

Yellow is the brightest color of the spectrum, the most noticeable color by the naked eye, and what we are to people.  🙌 

We forget that sometimes and think we are the “other” yellow... dim, dingy, cowardly or afraid. 

We forget how {{ bright }} we are and how much we {{ shine }} into other people.  

Understand this my friend, even if you don’t feel like it.... you really ARE someone’s YELLOW. 

You are their:

🔦 Sunshine

🔦 Starlight 

🔦 Energy 

🔦 Loyalty 

🔦 Warmth

🔦 Positivity

🔦 Happy

You are their Glow 🌟 Stick! 

Today, let’s be the brightest Glow 🌟 Stick we can & shine into people’s days. Let’s make the world a brighter place. 

Before you scroll past.. I gotta know... are you a “words” person when it comes to music too? Which song speaks to you? 

☀️✨💛 Darlene 


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