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To bloom you must first be a seed [[ AND ]] the day you plant the seed is not the day you bloom!

I think we have far too many people wanting to be the flower 🌻 first and forgetting growth takes time and feels a lot like failure.

Did you know that for a seed to evolve it must first break apart and the insides burst out?  It takes on a massive transformation to reach its potential and when it’s done it looks nothing like it started.   

Each stage of the evolution looks like it is self destructing.  Just like a caterpillar 🐛 becoming a 🦋 butterfly. 

I think It feels like that in our lives too when we are trying to level up. It’s hard, our insides feel oogly, and we panic.  

We tell ourselves little [[ stories ]] about why it’s not going to work. It feels like we might come undone.

Or, we tell ourselves little [[ lies ]] that if we are going to excel at something it’ll come fast & easy.  That’ll we will bloom immediately!  We forget that we are seeds and the middle part of the evolution feels a lot like self destruction.  💥

So #pardonmypositivity, if this post finds you feeling like you are coming undone and thinking of quitting, don’t!  Remember that for the seed to realize it’s true potential it had to trust the process, break apart, adapt, and grow before its true beauty is revealed! 

May all your vibes today say I’ve got what it takes! XO~ Darlene Turne


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