Close your eyes to really see

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Sometimes we need to close our eyes to really 👀 see. 

👓 To see things for what they really are. 

👓 To see how much goodness we have in life. 

👓 To see how far we’ve come and overcame. —And—

👓 To see what’s next.

And then we need to open our eyes & look again!  We need to adjust our focus & SEE the amazingness that surrounds us. 

I mean, if we have clean drinking 💦 water, a place to 🛌 sleep, a crumb to 🥘 eat, and at least one living thing that we love, then our lives are WONDERFUL. 🙌🏼 

Anything we do after that is just an improvement!  

Here’s the deal..., As long as our dreams, goals, hopes.... whatever... are bigger than our current life, we are always going to feel a sense of lack.  That’s just how it works.    It doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong or that our life sucks. 

#PardonMyPositivity but let’s snap out of it and OPEN our eyes!!! No longer shall we let our wants BLIND us to all that is right. Today we reFocus to all that we have and give it JUST as much consideration as we do to all that we lack. 

You in?  How’s your vision today? 

👀💗 ☮️ Darlene


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