Courage doesn’t feel good

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“Your passion is waiting for courage to show up for you today!”


This is the line I repeated to myself this past weekend as I attended my first Market for Crush On This.


Since it was my first time the unknowns and uncertainties were as big as a mountain 🏔 for me.  I was surprised at how small & inadequate the whole experience made me feel.  Seeing all the other shop owners expertly work their way through the process made me doubt my BIG dream for this business and I doubted myself.  


😕 I doubted my ability to adapt & grow. 

😕 I doubted my skills & vision.   

And then I doubted my contribution & worth. 


It’s a terrible feeling to not have your own back and not show up for yourself when you need it the most. 


And when you are down on believing in yourself & your dreams,  you know what you need the most? ....... [[ Courage ]] to try anyways. 🙌🏻


💣 But here’s the deal that no one tells you.... [[ Courage ]] DOESN’T feel good, y’all! 


They make it look good in movies & sound heroic in books.  The illusion is that when you have [[ courage ]] you feel good about it.  But that’s not true! I’m sure of it....


➡️  When you think about it, If you don’t feel scared then [[ courage ]] isn’t needed... now is it? 


And there you have it, the truth of the matter and today #pardonmypositivity message. ⬅️


💛 We can’t grow without change and we can’t change without [[ courage. ]]


So if my little ‘ol post happens to find you in a place of doubt and insecurity, rest easy my friend.  I’m right there with you.  


💛 But let’s BOTH remember this---> Doubt creates mountains 🏔 & our [[ courage ]] to take action give us the ability to move those mountains! 


May all your vibes be brave & courageous today! 💪🏼♥️ Darlene


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