Don’t let your ice cream 🍦 melt counting someone else’s sprinkles.

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Don’t let your ice cream 🍦 melt counting someone else’s sprinkles.

So yeah, I know social media can be hard, we scroll and see all the picture-perfect 📸postcard moments and feel like our lives don’t compare. I get that.

Or we see the picture and think people are bragging. Maybe we even feel a pinch of jealousy because we don’t look like them, live like them, or have what they have.

But here is what I know to be true. We are ALL battling scars from our past, obstacles in our present, and fears about our future. ✅

It’s easy to forget that when we are only seeing other people’s highlight reals. What I’ve come to realize is that life is hard for everyone, no matter how great it may appear here. ❤️

Each persons hard is different, of course, because no two peoples pain is the same.

So while you might think I’m about to say “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” I am not. While this is true and we should remember that , the point of today’s #PardonMyPositivity post is different.

I say the next time we see a post and get the urge to count their sprinkles and compare them to ours, let’s not. 🙃

Instead, let’s all rejoice 🎉 for them!

How about we look at other peoples celebrations, victories, moments, and see them as examples of people who in spite of life’s challenges are able to find rays of light 🌟 in their current situation. And then, take that encouragement and do the same with our own sprinkles! 🙌🏻


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