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Don’t, just don’t!

If there is one thing I hope YOU and I cling to in our moments of uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness, I hope it’s this powerful saying, “I didn’t come this far to only come this far!“
Because, whoever wrote that, nailed 🔨 it on the head. 🙌🏻
🔨 This is not the end of your story.
🔨 Today is not permanent.
🔨 This feeling isn’t always going to feel this way.
We both have so much more to:
✳️ give ✳️ be ✳️ do & ✳️ see.
So, pinky promise me, don’t!! Just don’t.
➡️ Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams, & your hopes.
➡️ Don’t define yourself by your “oops” moments, your setbacks, or the awful things that happened in your past.
➡️ Don’t stop because things aren’t happening fast enough for you.
Here’s my encouragement for you & me on today’s #pardonmypositivity post.
Don’t overlook the value of your journey, my journey, and other people’s.
Did you catch that? I said the journey, not destination.
These are the priceless moments preparing you for your next great thing and I happen to believe where the real gems 💎 are hidden ...that is if we are willing to see them, live them, and feel them.
You didn’t come this far to only come this far; you are not done yet!


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