Feel like you are going nowhere? Check your tires!

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🚘 A bad attitude is like a flat tire - you can’t go anywhere until you change it and your attitude always determines your direction. 
#PardonMyPositivity on this Monday but I’d like to suggest we take a ”spin” 😉 this week with some new “tires.”  Are you down with that? 💁🏼‍♀️
The best part about the tires I’m talking about is that Y😊U get to determine the type, the maintenance, and the longevity of your personal tires.
Tires 😉 are arguably the most important component of your ”vehicle” too. 
Your ”tires”:
🚗 Support your vehicle (aka life) load.
🚗  They transmit traction to the road surface, or in other words, keep you moving or stopped.
🚗  They absorb road shocks (ups & downs). 
🚗  They help you maintain or change the direction of travel.
Hopefully, you get the picture I painted here and your inspired to take a look at the condition of your tires (aka Attitude) as we “jump start” the week.   
Okay, okay, enough with the metaphors... Here’s to a great road trip this week! ♥️ Darlene


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