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#Pardonmypositivity while I step on my soap box for just a sec. 

One of the most [[ expensive ]] mistakes you can make is paying attention & giving your precious energy to the wrong people.  

Quit listening to the people that doubt you, that make fun of you, and those that don’t believe in you. 

Those are not your people! 

It’s easy to spot the strong women in your life and no I’m not talking physical 💪🏼 strength.

You’ll know who they are because they’ll be building you up, not tearing you down. 💥 

They’ll be cheering the loudest for you to push for your dreams. ✨

Not sure who they are?  Speak your truth and see who sticks around.

Those are your girls!  Stay close to them because they are gold.  💛  

These are the girls that get a spot in your blanket fort!  

Save space for the ones that hear you, see you, check in with you. 

Don’t settle for anything less and don’t forget to be that friend too! ♥️  

Now, it’s your turn. Tag YOUR golden 💛 girls & let them know you’ve saved a spot for them in your blanket fort. 

💟 Darlene Turner


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