Flawsome is the NEW awesome!

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#Pardonmypositivity, I now interrupt your scrolling for an important (not so new) 🗞 Newsflash.


Flawsome is the NEW awesome and how cool is that!?


How can you NOT love the idea that you can accept your so-called flaws and at the same time still be working on becoming the best version of yourself? 


I think it is totally possible to love yourself as you are now & still be a work in progress. 💕


I would even argue that it is essential to embrace everything about you before any change or growth can take place.  


—-> You might even find out that you are pretty darn Flawsome 👌🏻 just the way you are!  


Besides, flaws are what make us interesting & unique, and isn't that what we all want?  


✨ Can you imagine if we all looked the same? ✨ Dressed the same? ✨ Spoke the same way?  


There would be no contrast, no sparks of creativity or imagination, no color in the world!  


⭐️Being yourself puts something in the world, that wasn’t there before. Own that! ⭐️


I get it though, being flawsome takes courage & guts...to accept what is and still love it.  But baby, I'm betting we both got what it takes to be our own heros.   XO! D


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