Get Back Up

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Just like waves in the ocean, the stuff we go through is always changing.. and it’s ALL temporary, the bad stuff and the good.
So... if its good right now, pause a momment and soak it ALL in.  Inhale it like a cool ocean breeze.   Bathe in its glory.  Enjoy it, talk about it, rejoice in it.... don’t for a second brush it aside. Celebrate every tiny win, moment or victory!  RIDE that wave for as long as you can & try to catch another good one along the way. 
And if it’s bad... take lots of deep breaths. Pray a lot.  Limit how much complaining you do about it and do your very best to seek the next best feeling you can summon until it gets better.  Surf that wave knowing that you are going to fall off but remember that is exactly how you will find your next great wave. You get back up as many times as you have to.  
Your strength lies not in your ability to surf well but in your confidence to get back up!
#PardonMyPositivity  ♥️ Darlene


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