I Believe!

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Well, well, well.....
I believe it’s time for another Pardon My Positivity post and those two words...
I Believe ....
are two of the most important words you can say.
I believe what you put after them shapes your reality.
🔹 I believe we are all called to live our dreams and spread goodness.
🔹 I believe in the power of actions behind our words.
🔹 I believe we should not be defined by our age.
🔹 I believe happiness is just as much a choice as a feeling.
🔹 I believe that no matter what you do for a living you can make a difference in other peoples lives.
If you are up for it, share what 🔹You Believe 🔹below in the comments. I’d love ♥️ to know!
Oh, and before you scroll past, let me share one more...
🔹 If believing in yourself is really hard right now, how about you just believe that you won’t always feel this way?
YOU are here for a reason, YOU matter, and there is more to your story, I believe it! XO! Darlene


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