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Welcome to Monday!  Please secure your seatbelt, keep your arms and legs in at all times, and prepare yourself for another dose of #PardonMyPositivity. 🤣

Respectfully say no thank you.

✳️ No thank you to drama.

✳️ No thank you to unrealistic expectations.

✳️ No thank you to pettiness.

✳️ No thank you to gossip.

✳️ No thank you to people & things that drain your energy.

Enthusiastically say Yes Please!

✅ Yes Please! To giving more grace for yourself & others.

✅ Yes  Please! To to lifting others up with your words.

✅ Yes Please! To making better healthy food & exercise choices.

✅ Yes Please! To valuing yourself enough to establish healthy boundaries.

✅ Yes Please! To having the courage to show up in your life & push for something more for yourself.

You are strong.🔸You are fully capable.🔸And you are made to do hard things right!

Sending you infinite love & GOOD VIBES only! ♥️ Darlene Turner


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