It’s a terrible feeling to not trust yourself.

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I’m a slow starter.  I have been for my whole life.  It takes me time to calm my anxiety & settle down.  I get scared that I am not smart enough, good enough, or capable.  Can you relate? 🤷🏼‍♀️


😕 It’s a terrible feeling to not trust yourself.☹️ 


The biggest enemy I have EVER faced in my life is ME!  I’ve talked myself out of so many things because I didn’t trust myself.  It’s a wonder I ever learned to walk!  


I mean think about it.  It’s hard to believe that you can do it.  Walking, that is. The first time you try it, you fall down.   I bet at least once, you even hit your head on something.  It hurts! 


Sometimes people laugh at you when you try it.  The evidence appears that you are never going to get it... you fall so many times! 


It’s a good thing you haven’t learned how to talk yourself out of things yet. I mean, you surely would stop based on the facts. You are trying and not getting it.  But, you try it anyways.  


And you know what happens, you get better & better, each time.  Your confidence grows and you figure it out piece by piece.  🙌🏻


I think that we forget this skill as we get older.  


▪️We are afraid to get it wrong over and over.  

▪️We don’t want to hurt.  

▪️We definitely don’t like people laughing at us.  

▪️We are impatient and want it to happen fast.  


So we give up.  


I bet you can see where I am going with this little #PardonMyPositivity pep talk, can’t you?  


The pain of giving up stings more & lasts longer than the discomfort of trying.  


So maybe Nike had it right with their slogan.  


🔅 You just do “it” imperfectly. 

🔅 You just do “it” scared.  

🔅 You just do “it” without fully understanding.

🔅 You just do “it” without knowing the result.

🔅 You just do “it” when it’s difficult. 

🔅 You just do “it” anyway


I hope as we approach the season of New Years Resolutions that you put that one after each one you make.  Just do IT! 😉

XO! Darlene


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