It's Not About You or Me

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#PardonMyPositivity, but today let’s not make this all about us.  [How ‘bout] we make it about “THEM”. 

[How ‘bout] we wake up in the morning and we think of one person we can encourage.
[How ‘bout] we tell someone we believe in them today.
[How ‘bout] we have someone’s back without them ever knowing.
[How ‘bout] we look a person in their eyes and really listen to understand what they are saying. 
[How ‘bout] instead of asking them how they are doing we ask them how their heart is? 
[How ‘bout] instead of trying to be right we just try to care. 
[How ‘bout] we reach out to a new face and try to get to know them better. 
[How ‘bout] we think of ourselves as agents of change on a mission to spread goodness one simple act at a time. 
May all our vibes be that of love, kindness, grace, & peace. XO! Darlene


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