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Just the [[ FACTS ]] today with my #PardonMyPositivity post.

[[ Fact ]] The best outfit you wear is your smile.

[[ Fact ]] You are NOT at war with your body

& your value is NOT determined by what the scale says.

[[ Fact ]] A good day is NOT determined by how little or “good” you ate.

[[ Fact ]] Sexy is NOT a size, it’s a state of mind.

Let’s remember what’s REALLY attractive.   

💥 A sense of humor, especially about oneself. 

💥 Being open and caring.

💥 Self Confidence 


💥 A healthy appetite for life. 

So today let’s all be REBELS and clap back at our Inner Mean Girl (IMG) when she says ugly things to us.  

I wanna know where’s my fellow rebels? Drop me a 👊🏼 if your down with it. 


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