Life is not glossy

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A flower 🌷 does not think of competing, it just blooms.


I think we have far too many discouraged & disappointed people in the world because we are too busy comparing ourselves to other people. 


I myself suffer from this more than I’d like to own.  But here’s the deal--> Your life is not a competition. 


You don’t have to have the best: 






.... whatever, to be enough & to feel happy.  


We scroll friends & celebrities feeds comparing their highlights to our behind the scenes.


It looks & feels like we don’t have it together.... like they do. 


But remember this.... life is so much more than the PERFECT pictures we put up on this screen and the likes, comments, & friends/ followers we get for that. 


Life is NOT glossy & filtered for any of us! It's NEVER picture-perfect & I forget that sometimes as I scroll through my feeds.


Life is messy, confusing, random & yes, it is also WONDEROUS - all at the same time! 


💙 Remember if you are focusing on THEIR goodness, you can’t possibly appreciate your own ... whatever it looks like.  


And yes it is good even if it: 

🔹has piles of laundry & dust everywhere

🔹has cellulite, jiggles & sags

🔹kids that don’t get straight As or into the best college

🔹gets on your nerves sometimes


.....You get my drift. 


Happiness is a decision to look beyond the messiness, disappointments, setbacks, & embrace the beauty of what is. To look for the goodness that surrounds us in the middle of all the crap.  


💛 When you take your eyes off your suffering or what you lack you might just find so much goodness that deserves your glory. 


And I think that’s the key.. to spend more time appreciating all that is right and less time consumed with what we lack.


So #pardonmypositivity on the subject but I am choosing to believe that I can love what IS while I push for more.  May your vibes be strong & your heart be full. ☮️💜😃 Darlene


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