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Peaches 🍑

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Remember the story of the 3 bears & Goldilocks?  The porridge, the chairs, and the beds that were [[ Too This ]] or [[ Too That. ]]

Do ever feel the same? 

Too Bold ✖️Too weak

Too Sweet ✖️Too Salty

Too Shy ✖️Too strong

Too loud ✖️Too soft

Too flabby ✖️Too skinny

It’s exhausting, isn’t it!? 

You will always BE too ___✖️____  for someone.

The truth is, you may be the juiciest peach 🍑 on the tree but if the person doesn’t like peaches, you’ll never be right.  

Now ‘scuse me for yelling this next part but I want to make sure it’s heard.  THAT DOESN'T MEAN THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH PEACHES, they just don’t like them.  

So stop feeling so bad about your peach 🍑 self!  To the people that LOVE peaches... you'll be everything!  Those are your people. 

Today’s #PardonMyPositivity is a reminder to  Be you • Do you • For you. 

Just BE yourself because an original is always worth more than a copy. 🍑♥️ Darlene Turner


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