People Are Not Mirrors

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My IMG came back, uninvited, and started snickering at my every move. She told me that everyone could << obviously >> see every flaw.......but then I remembered......

People are not mirrors. 

Other people see you completely different than the way you see yourself.

Let that soak in for a minute. 

♦️ When you see weakness & failures, I perceive strength for trying.

♦️ When you are tired of trying, I see you working hard. 

♦️ You notice imperfections, I recognize your uniqueness.

#PardonMyPositivity but the truth is YOU are somebody’s someone.  They look at you and see so much more than you FEEL about yourself. 🙌

The difference is they don’t hear your IMG (inner mean girl) saying awful things about you, unless you tell them.  

So today when you look in the mirror, shut down your IMG when she starts in at you. 

Let her know that her thoughts are noted but no longer welcome. 

Be a rebel.....

stop 🛑 judging yourself so harshly

stop 🛑 saying ugly things about yourself

stop 🛑 questioning your abilities or worth   

and go forth and rock this day! ♥️ Darlene 


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