Perfectly imperfect & that’s A-Okay 👌🏼with me.

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Oh hey there!!  I see you!! Do you see me?  If you’ve got a moment, read on for today’s #pardonmypositivity post.

If you & I were to meet in real life  (or maybe we already have?), I want to be sure that you know that what you see here is WHO I really am.

What does that mean? It means.. 👋🏼Hi, I’m Darlene and I’m perfectly imperfect and that’s A-Okay 👌🏼with me.

That means on some days I feel like Oprah.  My heart, head, and mouth are full of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.

On other days I feel like I belong on Jerry Springer and I just want to lay in bed watching 📺netflix & eating peeps!

But what I want you to know the most is that on every s.i.n.g.l.e day you’ll find that I’m 💯% the kinda of girl that will always be rooting for you & your dreams.

So back to that Oprah part.....

Just like me, I’m willing to bet you have days where you feel like you’re dominating  & a total ROCK ⭐️star.  On others, you might want to stay home & watch Friends reruns all day & never change out of your pjs.

Let’s just always remember:

💟 Positive people have negative thoughts. Successful people also struggle and fail. Happy people have their lion share of sadness too.

—and, most important—

💟 Life is tough but so are you! If it all just worked out every single time, you wouldn’t have to figure it out.  If you didn’t have to figure it out, you’d never learn.  If you stopped learning, you’d never grow.  And if you stopped growing.... well....consider this.... what’s the opposite of growing?

So you see, everything is actually going right even when it feels wrong!

Always rooting for you! xO! ♥️ Darlene


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