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Ever since I can remember I’ve felt like a puzzle piece that looks like it should “fit” but won’t snap into place. 
Know what I mean? Have you ever felt the same?  That piece that you put in the spot, it almost fits, but is just not quite right. 
I used to look at my edges and try to figure out how to fix them.  How to bend them. How to [[ BE ]] the right piece for that spot.  
Not once did it occur to me over those years that MY SPOT was somewhere else! I kept turning myself to try to fit in instead of picking myself up & moving on to my place. 
After all, we can’t all [[ BE ]] the same piece in a puzzle, can we?  And yet we try.  Puzzles don’t work that way.
Don’t BE afraid of being a different puzzle piece.  BE afraid of being the same as everyone else. The puzzle will never get done if you are!   
If you are going to [[ BE ]] anything :
BE feisty! BE curious. BE intelligent. BE adventurous! BE Funny. BE strong!  BE brave. BE original. 
#PardonMyPositivity, BE anything but the same because the puzzle needs you in your spot! 
[[ BE ]] your own definition of FLAmazing, always! Darlene 


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