Quit Raining On Your Parade

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I rained ☔️ on my own damn parade yesterday!   Have you ever done this too??? 

I spent the better part of an hour ogling  another persons social media account wishing I was her.  She’s got it all!  The right words. The best body. An amazing home. A SUPER successful boutique....  Blah blah blah... and then I snapped 💥 out of it! 

I think we have far too many people living their lives discouraged & disappointed because they keep raining 🌧 on their own parades, just like I did. 

We scroll our feeds and see so many people in their winning 🏆 seasons and start to question ours. But here’s the deal—--> Your life is not a competition. 💥

You don’t have to have the best house, kids, marriage, body... whatever, to be a WINNER.

✳️ Her beauty doesn’t take away from yours.

✳️ Her body shape doesn’t mean yours isn’t good too.

✳️ Her 4000 square foot home doesn’t make your cozy house less homey.

✳️ And her perfect words don’t make what you have to say less important either.

💥💥💥Remember if you are focusing on THEIR goodness, you can’t possibly appreciate your own ... whatever it looks like.  

💛 When you take your eyes off what you lack you might just find so much goodness that deserves your glory. 💛

And I think that’s the key.. to spend more time appreciating all that is RIGHT and less time consumed with what we lack.

#PardonMyPositivity .....

there will always be // ONE  // with more.  

A better body, nicer house, more successful career & a bigger bank account but there will also NEVER another YOU!   She isn’t you!  Let’s all stop looking at what we aren’t and start appreciating what we are! 💗  Darlene Turner


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