Quitting won’t speed it up

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She believed she could, so she did.. well actually.... tbh... she is not sure at all but she committed to doing it and decided to find out.  

(That she is me! 😉)

I think we have far too many people consumed with achieving the prize and missing the whole point of trying for something.  Yes, its awesome to be the winner!  To achieve the goal!  Everybody wants a trophy! 

But that’s not going to happen every single time you go for something.  It’s not supposed to.  

But you know what else is awesome?  

To learn. To grow. To struggle. To dig deep & find courage to carry on.  

To get back up ⬆️ after each fall. 

It feels good to prove to yourself that you are capable of keeping your word. 

Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change. 🌟 The first change is to stop giving up on yourself when:

🔸 it gets hard

🔸 doesn’t go your way

🔸 is taking too long.........................and 

🔸 when no one is cheering for you!   

⚡️Quitting won’t speed up the process.⚡️

I know it’s scary, I am scared too! But consider how scary it would be if 10 years pass and you are in the exact same place as you are today.   

#PardonMyPositivity, but have you ever thought that the struggle is supposed to be a part of your story?  

I believe it is.  I also believe that you & I are meant for SO much more but we can’t skip the in between chapters... that’s not how stories go. 

And I 💯% believe that those middle chapters will be the most memorable parts of our story, they always are.  ☮️♥️💡Darlene Turner


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