Repeat after me. Quit. Hating. On. Yourself.

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Repeat after me. Quit. Hating. On. Yourself. 

That’s me, talking to my Mind Meanie!  Perhaps you’ve met her too?  

She likes to sit back and watch your every move, pound, picture, word, .. and say awful things to you! 

Did you know that when I started this business it NEVER occurred to me that I’d be posting SO many photos of myself and sharing so much of my thoughts along the way. Dumb, right!? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Right before I’d post, I’d be riddled in doubt and insecurities. But here’s the thing, I had to make a decision to get out of my own way.  It wasn’t easy but change rarely is. 🙌🏻

The biggest challenge has been silencing my Inner Mean Girl (IMG 😉) that lives inside my head.

Just like the mean girls from my school days, my IMG makes me feel not cool or pretty enough.  She tries to fill my head with negativity & uses harsh language. 

Just me? Or does your IMG do this too?🤨

But want to know something cool?  I figured out I can [[ choose ]] to listen to “her” or ignore “her.”

So every time I post, I celebrate a small victory that I chose to do something that SHE said was not good enough, not pretty enough, or not smart enough.

😘 Kiss my 🍑 IMG! 

You know what, you can do it too!  Wear the tank top or bikini, write the blog you’ve been dreaming to start, open your business, go back to school... whatever it is. CHOOSE to ignore HER too. 

So #Pardonmypositvity today but I’m suggesting we all clap back at our Mind Meanies & be rebels! 

Let’s stop judging ourselves, stop saying ugly things, questioning our abilities or worth, and go forth and rock this day!  ♥️ Darlene 


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