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⭐️ Your life is not a dress rehearsal.  It needs you to show up & claim it! ⭐️
☑️ We show up for work.
☑️ We show up for the thing at our kids school. 
☑️ We show up for the dentist appointment. 
☑️ We show up for the blah.. blah... blah. But do we show up ourselves?
Stop waisting time... there is no one but you that can do this.
Make no mistake, showing up for yourself will not be easy.  I don’t believe it’s  meant to be.
✔️ You will stumble.
✔️ You will doubt yourself.
✔️ Others will caution you to play it safe.
✔️ You will fail sometimes. 
But,  I think we need to do it anyways. 
Listen, if you are serious about making a change, you are going to have to get really comfortable with feeling uncomfortable in tons of new situations. 
You are going to have to stop dodging the things you need to face head on. 
Wanna know how I know? Because, I’m living it right now!  😬
But let me tell you something I’ve discovered.  When the really squimy things happen so does this ——>  you meet yourself in those moments. 💥 At least I have.  In those really challenging & new moments I found myself and had to decide who I wanted to be.  
And here’s my point on today’s #pardonmypositivity post. 💫  I think that’s our real purpose... to meet ourselves & evolve. I don’t think we are determined by our past and I don’t think we are meant to live the same life day after day. 
🌟 I think we are here to blow our own damn minds on who we can become! 🌟
May all your vibes say I’ve got this because YOU are entirely up to you! Don’t give up on the person you are becoming!! ♥️ Darlene


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