The Seasons are a changing

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Lately, I've noticed that a few of us are really going through it. Several people have commented about how they feel unsettled.  

Same girl! 🙋🏼‍♀️

But as I think about my own rumbles from within, I’m reminded that metamorphosis is naturally destructive. 💥

Wait, what?!? Metamorphosis, a change in form from one thing to a completely different one, is naturally destructive! 

That means the next best ⚡️ version of you may not include all your present situations, people, energies, and thoughts! 

The seasons are changing and quite possibly so are we!  It’s unsettling when you feel like it's time to make some changes.  The fear of the unknown is real and staying the same, while it might not be what you really want, just feels safer. 

But maybe we are 🐛 caterpillars being called forward? Maybe we are in the stage of our transformation where we are gaining strength, just like the butterfly 🦋 does in the cocoon.   To make its wings strong, the butterfly moves them against the insides of the cocoon.  It then squeezes it body through a tiny hole to break free.  

This requires immense effort on its part! The most amazing part of the butterfly’s 🦋 transformation is that the struggle & hardship is what is necessary for it to fully become what it's supposed to be!  Without it, it would not survive. 

Have you ever considered that our struggles are actually necessary for our survival and growth? That [[ maybe ]] you & I are in that stage right now and that’s why we are feeling so uneasy?  

I think so! 

For sure this process is difficult. Changing takes time & energy.  But consider this... if that butterfly opted out... it would be stuck where it doesn't belong and never realize it’s true beauty. 🦋 

#PardonMyPositivity, but I'm suggesting that even though we'd like things to come easy, that's not the way we build our strength.  And while I like things to happen fast & without extra effort, I know that'd I wouldn't fully realize my potential without it.  And neither would you. 

So if my post finds you in a similar energy of ”uneasy” I hope you are encouraged to trust the transformation.   May all our vibes today say we’ve got what it takes!  💟XO~ Darlene Turner

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  • Glenda Gilliam : November 28, 2019

    I want to request a return or exchange slip please

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