There is life. There is living. And there is [[ Living Life.]]

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Howdy!  I’m Darlene and I’ve got a confession…...  I’m a BIG ol’ introvert!! Like the kind of introvert that could stay home & never leave the house for a solid month and be just fine!  

Most people think that I’m joking when I say this because I participate in some pretty public occupations.  But the truth is, given my druthers, I’d be as happy as a blind dog in a meat locker to [[ never ]] leave my house.  

☺️ Life is so much more comfortable when you don’t put yourself out there.

But here’s the deal & the point of this #PardonMyPositivity post, that’s not living, now is it?  

You see.... There is life. There is living. And there is [[ Living Life.]]

As much as I love the safety of staying at home, I know there is something to be said about:

🔹 looking a person in their eyes
🔸 hearing their voice
🔹 listening to their story
🔸 and seeing their heart.

It’s about making connections with people and being vulnerable.

So, while this message is mostly for me, as a reminder, I put it out here for you too.  

Show up in your life!

Do it...afraid..imperfect…anxious..&....silly.

Bottom line: [[ Life ]] is not a spectator sport, it’s meant to be lived.

Can you relate,would you describe yourself as an introvert too?  And do you think other people think of you that way? I’d love to know.

Happy Monday!  Sending you “high vibes” my Crush tribe. ♥️ Darlene


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