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I’m not sure who needs to read this ... 
it’s that time of year where this is so much “New Year, New Me” talk, thoughts, and resolutions swirling around but I thought I’d suggest we make this our 1st. 

❇️ Resolve to offer yourself mercy 
❇️ Resolve to offer yourself love 
❇️ Resolve to offer yourself peace 
❇️ Resolve to offer yourself forgiveness 
above everything or anyone else, resolve to offer yourself the space and time to heal, to be, to become the person you want to be.
Resolve to be patient with yourself and trust the timing of your journey.
‼️Instant results are easy 
‼️quitting is easy
but neither of these will make you proud.
#PardonMyPositivity but 2020 is a NEW chapter. 
It’s OUR new chapter. 
New chapters need
•new words
•new phrases
•new stories
•new beliefs 
and a new mindset.
I’m suggesting as a part of that new mindset, we resolve to STOP 🛑 beating ourselves up over our bodies, clutter,  finances, or whatever ... and resolve to leave that negative energy in 2019.
Here’s what I know to be true. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ You cannot hate yourself into a version of you that you’ll love or to do the things you haven’t done. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
You’ve tried that (probably a few times) and has it worked yet?  And if it did, did that feel good? I doubt it. 
Here’s the deal, hate is heavier than love. If you find yourself hating on you, have courage, be vulnerable & seek help, show yourself some mercy, and try this time with love & self acceptance. Make a change & stop weighing yourself down!!!  When you love yourself, you attract love, and where there is love, all things are possible.
I Love Y’all & want to thank you for reading my last #PardonMyPositivity post of 2019.  I cannot wait to spread more light 💡 in 2020 & I hope to see you there. 🦩♥️  Darlene


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