Truth Hurts

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Have you noticed that “Instant gratification“ is so in right now? 
it seems like everyone’s always looking for the hack, the short cut, the magic pill or their lucky charm and spending way too much time trying to figure out how to get around the one thing that always gets results..... doing the work. 
Truth hurts —->> Whatever we repeat, we  reinforce. Whatever we choose to do (or not do) is literally creating our future!  It’s just like when we lift weights to build a muscle.  Our routine choices are 💯% FOR our future.  They literally create it!!! 
We know this but we forget, don’t we? 🤦🏼‍♀️ I know I do, how about you? 
We make excuses that sound good but don’t produce good.
✳️ I’ll do that when I’m ready. Truth hurts—> Ready is not coming! 
✳️ I’m too busy. Truth Hurts-> We make time for what’s important.
✳️ I don’t know how. Truth Hurts-> knowing something doesn’t change your life, doing it does! All you have to do is figure out the next step to learn how to do something. Not sure what that is?  Choose!  That’s the fast way to find out. 
Truth hurts— >> It doesn’t matter what we did yesterday or what we are planning to do tomorrow... what matters is today.  Right N.O.W!  
N.O.W = No -> Opportunity -> Wasted!
#PardonMyPositivity ->> but I think the truth doesn't hurt because knowing the truth is actually what we all really want!  We can work with that, right?   What hurts is having our illusions & excuses called out.   
I feel like we have far too many people evaluating where they’ve been or what they are gonna do instead of just putting in the work right now!  ⭐️ The way I see it is, the difference between who we are and what we want to be is what we do.... now.  
The Real Truth Is->> your “glow up” is in your ability to show up and quit letting your excuses win.   
So what do you think? You with me? How about today we decide to show up & do the work instead of trying to finesse our way out of it and how about we worry about tomorrow—>tomorrow.  ♥️ Darlene


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