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My thoughts... I’m tired. I’m boring.  I wish I was better.  I feel dumb.  I’m unmotivated.  


This week I started thinking about what I was saying to myself and I had an 💡 idea.. it’s pretty simple but I liked how it made me feel when I tried it “on” and of course it’s the point of my #pardonmypositivity post. 💁🏼‍♀️


Don’t 😆 laugh... but what if we picked our words just like we pick our clothes?  How would that be?   Stay with me here... let’s give it a go.


So let’s say I pick “I feel dumb” today, to wear.  I wouldn’t intentionally pick that but doesn’t that happen sometimes?


How does that outfit feel on? Kinda sucky, yes?  It makes me feel like I shouldn’t try anything and I am not good enough. 


But here’s the cool thing... just like clothes, what if I picked a different choice for how I feel today?  What if I picked “I’m figuring this out” instead?  That fits a lot better, don’t ya think?  It feels truthful too.. 


Let’s try on another.  How about, I’m overwhelmed. How does that one feel on.  EXHAUSTING, right? 😏


I could choose “capable” instead. What would “Capable” feel like on?    


I think it’d feel like I can handle this. It’d feel like I’m able to achieve whatever I need to do. Even if it takes me a long time.  It feels 100% better, yes? 


The tricky part of course is to catch yourself wearing the same old clothes, if you know what I mean!  😉


There are a million different words to use to describe yourself and how you are feeling, it’s time to update your wardrobe! 🙌🏻


So my whole point here  is what are you saying to yourself this morning? And more importantly do you really BELIEVE it?


Your words are the foundation of the structure you are building each day called ...Your Life.


So tell me... What outfit are you picking today?


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