What’s in your cup?

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Hey there!!  I’ve got a got a question for you on today’s #PardonMyPositivity post.  

What’s in your cup this morning?

I want to share this analogy because I think it’s a great reminder as we start our week.  


You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee?

“Well because someone bumped into me, of course!”

*Wrong answer.*

You spilled the coffee because there was coffee ☕️ in your cup.

Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea.

*****Whatever is inside the cup, is what will spill out.*****

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. 

It’s easy to fake it, until you get rattled.

****So we have to ask ourselves…___”what’s in my cup?”______****

When life gets tough, what spills over?

♥️ Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility?

🤔 Or anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions?

You choose! 

(Author unknown) 


Today, I’m suggesting we fill up with kinder and gentler thoughts for others AND most importantly for ourselves ....because we are the cup!  ♥️ Darlene Turner


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