What you see most often is what you are looking for.

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What you see most often is what you are looking for. 

Looking for goodness?  You’ll find it.

Looking for problems? You’ll find those too.

Looking for reasons to quit? You’ll ALWAYS find one. 

✳️ The truth is you give life to what you give your energy to!  

I think there is a whole lot of us that think if we are going to excel at something we will hit a home run on our first few swings at anything we try. 

Talk about pressure.  Can you imagine if we held that standard to our children when they were learning to walk? If they didn’t get it right by the first few try’s we believed they were doomed to never be able to do it?

But we don’t, we keep believing they’ll figure it out... and we know it’s just a matter of time & practice. 

But, here we are as adults, trying new things once or twice and quitting because we didn’t hit our home run!  Thinking it must not be meant to be because it didn’t come quick or easy.  

You know how a baby gets stronger to be able to walk?  🤨 Not by falling down but by getting back up!!!!!  

Getting back up  builds strength, resilience, determination, and discipline. 💪🏼

💡The fact is success requires continuous failure.

So #pardonmypositivity, if this post finds you feeling defeated or thinking of giving up, don’t! 

There will always be a reason or excuse to stop.  One of the absolute worst reasons to stop anything is because it didn’t work!  Think about it, of course it didn’t, a batter doesn’t hit every pitch that comes his way but he cannot get the “hit” without the swing! 💣 

How ‘bout instead of wasting time looking at why we should stop, we spend 3Xs that amount of energy focused on WHY we should keep going?  Can you imagine how different that would be?!? 🧐

Because at the end of it all we are either going to have:

🔹Excuses or Experiences 

🔹Reasons or Results

🔹Buts or Brilliance 

🔹Shame or Pride in our efforts 

— And —

🔹a list of either rational reasons that we had to quit or a list of accomplishments that we produced because we didn’t give up and bloomed instead. 

Be the type of energy that no matter what  you go through, you always look for the reason to keep getting back up! 

☮️ ♥️💫 Darlene


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