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‘Scuse me for a moment while I **rant** on today’s post. 😌

I’m so tired of people labeling other people.  They try to categorize you or what you do into neat little boxes with titles and then put expectations on how you should look, act, and what is acceptable. 

I’ve been asked why I write these Pardon My Positivity posts when I’m “just” a boutique selling clothes.  

It was suggested that I’m [[ crossing lanes ]] and that I should just stick to my “boutique” lane and just do that.  Well I say screw that!  I say create your own lane and do whatever the *bleep you want.  You know why? There is no traffic in your own lane.  

Besides..trailing someone else’s tire 🚙 marks will never get you the same results. 

I think it really comes down to what ignites you, what lights you up & makes you feel alive.  

And you know what I BELIEVE? What ignites you can be more than just one label! 

I believe we are all called to live our dreams & spread goodness.

I believe we should not be defined by our age, role, occupation, or gender.

*** I believe that no matter what you do for a living (selling clothes, car valet, plumber, etc.) you CAN make a difference in other peoples lives AND you should. ***

#PardonMyPositivity, but I believe in dreaming BIG without limits or labels.

Let me know if you agree... that it’s okay to want to be MORE than one label and that you CAN be a multi-passionate person trying to generate their own path of goodness in this world.  XO! ♥️ Darlene

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