Without Change There’d Be No 🦋 Butterflies

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Hey you, yes 😀 you!  #Pardonmypositivity on this early Monday morning....but from one human being to another I thought I’d remind you that there is << nothing >> wrong with you.

Why is it so easy to believe there is?
Maybe you are a freaking caterpillar, have you ever considered that!?  I mean come on, 
think about it. Caterpillars 🐛 are super cool with all their interesting colors, wiggly moves, AND those legs... I mean they’ve got a bajillion legs!  You can’t get much cooler than that.  👊🏼
But then one day that awesome caterpillar feels a change ahh..stirring... it feels like something’s off and you know what it goes and does?  It just goes and freaking 💥 evolves! 
It doesn’t “hold off” of the metamorphosis until it feels motivated. It doesn’t try to escape the chrysalis.  
It understands the process:
*️⃣ pushes past the fears
*️⃣ trusts its abilities to adapt and grow
*️⃣ and does its thing! 
For sure the transformation is difficult. The change takes time & energy.  But consider this... if that butterfly opted out... it would be stuck where it didn’t belong and never realized it’s true beauty. 🦋
May all your vibes today say I’ve got what it takes! XO~ Darlene


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