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In case no one has ever told you... well maybe you heard Oprah say something like it years ago like I did but have since forgotten... so I’m going to put it right here in today’s  #PardonMyPositivity post.     
You are allowed to change.  Don’t ever let anyone look down on you for deciding you want something different for yourself.
You are allowed to grow. You are allowed to evolve. You are allowed to explore and change your opinion. 
You are allowed to wear different clothes, colors and styles than you used to wear. You can get a tattoo, dye your hair, cut your hair or grow it. 
You can expand your thoughts & dreams.   You can change your mind.  You can change careers. You can change passions. You do not have to be the same person you once were.  
You are allowed to be whatever you want to be no matter how old you are.  You can decide to sell make up, essential oils, travel clubs, write a book, become a therapist ... whatever!!  
And you don’t need to apologize for wanting more for yourself.  You are allowed to become a completely new version of you without anyone’s permission.  
Some people will not like you if YOU decide not to fit in their little box of expectations.  When they see you making changes they will tell you to turn down your light or be careful.  They mean well but don’t let them take up too much real estate in your brain.  After all, they have their own life to live. 

Some People are not going to agree or continue with you on your journey ... and that’s okay too.  .. Wish them well on theirs & remember the good times you had.  Just because you move on from a relationship or your past notions of who you were it doesn’t mean there was anything wrong.  It was just time for you to fly!  
Be you. Do you. For you. ♥️ Darlene


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