You are different & so am I

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She said... you are different and I didn’t know how to respond.  

Is that a compliment?  Is that a put down?  Does that mean I’m weird? Am I doing it wrong? I mean why would someone say that to you? 

I spent too many precious minutes concerned that I wasn’t doing life right.  That I was weird and then I remembered ..

I am different and so are you!  That’s the way God intended us to be.  I think most people agree and yet we keep trying to make our puzzle piece fit into spaces it doesn’t belong. We water ourselves down so as to be more alike than not. But all we end up being is a weaker versions of the person God intended us to be.

#PardonMyPositivity but....

I am different!  I am the person that’s going to try to connect with you on a deeper level (even here on social ) because I believe connection is the whole point of living.

I am different!  If I think a corny joke is going to make you laugh, I am going to crack it because I believe laughter feels good for both of us.  I mean, have you ever seen someone who’s laughter is funnier than the actual joke?  That’s a priceless joy!

I am different! If you tell me your dreams, I’m going to root for you to chase them because I believe seeing you achieve something great doesn’t take away from my something great! It inspires me to believe my something- something is possible too.

I am different!  I’m no super model or beauty queen but I believe that by posting my pictures I might inspire you to share yours.  That it’s possible to learn to love your face and show it to the world even if it doesn’t meet YOUR standards of beauty. 

I am different!  Even though I sell fashion, I believe that I can add value in other ways too. I believe we are all called to spread light either as a candle or a mirror. And, that no matter what you do for a job, you CAN & should try to make a difference in people’s lives.

I am different and so are you.  I believe that our differences are what gives our lives contrast, flavor, and sparks. 

There is nothing wrong with being different and don’t worry so much about what others think. Negative people will always find ways to build their walls whether you show up as the full strength version of yourself or a diluted concoction. 

Never apologize for your enthusiasm, your weirdness, your quirks....Never. Ever. Never!  You are Gods freaking creation and his expression of love and that’s all the validation you should ever need. XO! 💟 Darlene Turner


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