You are not a 🧽 sponge

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If you are new around here you might have noticed that I'm not your typical boutique. Like, I'm trying to be a place for a little bit of fun, laughter, and 💯% I want to be a source of inspiration & positivity.


I've been scared to admit that (openly) but that is what truly gives me life! 


So every Monday I pop into your feed with a segment I like to call #pardonmypositivy where I share a quick bit of encouragement with you.  And guess what today is? 🤩 So, without further ado...


There are energy givers & energy suckers.  


The givers are easy to 🧐 spot, they bring life & joy.  They leave you a little more sparkly than they found you.  


The suckers are harder to notice but you’ll know by the way you feel when they leave you. 


But here’s the good news....


You are not a sponge, you get to choose what you absorb.


You get to choose what you soak up

You get to choose what you focus on 

You get to choose what you listen to

You get to choose what you believe


And when you think about it, everything really is a choice.


[[ What will you choose today? ]]


🔑 Choose to let go of the past. 


🗝 Choose to grow yourself, instead of trying to change someone else.


🔑 Choose to nourish your mind with uplifting and powerful information. 


🗝 Choose to make a difference.


🔑 Choose to be happy with what you have now, while you work towards what you want. 


🗝 Choose the best you can today. Then get up tomorrow and do it again and again!  


...... But most of all I hope you choose yourself! 


May all your vibes today say I choose me! XO! Darlene 


PS...If you are still reading this I want to say thank you because I know that too is your  choice. 💥


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