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God and I have this little agreement with each other.  Each day he grants me another present.  He blesses me by waking me up so that I can work to be a little better than I was yesterday. How I use my “present” is SO much more important than what happened yesterday or what I am dreaming of for tomorrow. 
It is my wish to never just adapt to the energy in a room.  I want to influence it with as much goodness that I am capable of summoning in my present and that is part of my drive to write these #PardonMyPositivity posts.  
Some days I am a pond.  In order to grow, I need to be filled up with more water.  I need to be poured into.  
And other days, I am an ocean with more than enough water to give and share.
But in all my days, I seek to bring encouragement, love, and inspiration to anyone I encounter.
You hear it said over & over only live once.   FALSE: You only die once... you live day after day and how you do it is your choice.  
I hope you choose to live every day to your fullest ability. Enjoy every moment. Be present and an encouraging light for yourself, your friends and family and remember to inspire!! ♥️ Darlene

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