What's Up Pumpkin Animal Print & Leaf V Neck Graphic Tee


Designer: Crush On This, LLC


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Did you know that pumpkins grow naturally with leopard print?  Don't believe me ... I looked up the definition.  See for yourself.

pump·​kin | \ ˈpəm(p)-kən , nonstandard ˈpəŋ-kən \
 a fruit of any of various cultivars of herbaceous plants (Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata, and C. mixta synonym C. argyrosperma) of the gourd family that is typically round and orange but may be Leopard color too, that has a hard usually smooth skin with shallow longitudinal grooves, and that is grown for ornamental use or for its fibrous pale flesh used especially in baking or as feed for livestock
b: any of several annual chiefly trailing American plants that bear pumpkins

  • Tulex Super Soft Polyblend Tee
  • Pre Shrunk- 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
  • True to size and very comfy to wear.
  • Shirt length 
  • V is not deep
  • Good stretch

Style this with your plaid long sleeves and you've got a cool vibe!

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Small (2/4) Medium (6/8) Large (10/12) XL (14/16)


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