Biodegradable Natural Sisal Soap Saver Pouch | Eco Friendly

Designer: Crush On This, LLC


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Our sisal soap saver pouches are a natural way to get an invigorating scrub and lather! Just insert your bar of soap or leftover small soap pieces into the pouch, secure with the drawstring and lather up. Replace plastic loofahs once and for all while utilizing every last bit of your natural soap bars.

Place one bar of soap in the sack to exfoliate and clean your skin at the same time.

Hang the sisal bag on a shower hook to keep your soap dry and lasting longer.

If you have not ever used sisal before, it is a natural fiber that comes from the sisal plant. It is softer than a loofah, allowing for mild all-over-exfoliation. > Naturally derived sisal from the agave plant, wooden bead >

Size: 5.3" x 3.5" > Package-free > End of Life: 100% compostable
Made in United States of America

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